Designing BBC internal software tools: iSite and iBroadcast

What is great about software design is that we’re solving problems for users close to us. There are over one thousand BBC staff members who rely on iSite every day, and over two thousand who use iBroadcast. Amongst other things, our job as UX designers involves identifying and designing solutions for user needs. If we can make something more intuitive, we might improve the working lives of our colleagues. And if they can work more efficiently, they can offer better content to you!

Software design is complex. Even with a strong voice from the product owner, the detail around interaction patterns and behaviours can be lost-in-translation between Business Analyst, Designer, and Developer. Involving the wider product group in ideation and documentation has proved essential for establishing a shared vision of the product, and we found Gamestorming an incredibly useful set of techniques for collaborative working.