Desigual Global Influencer Strategy

THE CHALLENGE Desigual was undergoing an ambitious and exciting transformation, from getting bigger to getting better. We needed to inspire a perception shift in international influencing audiences (“the cool kids”), while respecting the distinct brand's identity. What began as an influencer marketing strategy grew into transforming the company's approach to data, SEO and digital communication. And the cool kids loved it. OUR APPROACH 1. Strategy Shaped by a detailed brief, it set which influencers suited the brand, what content to create and how to integrate it with SEO plans. 2. Selection Looking at our goals, we picked influencers balancing relevant real-time data, direct observation and lots of instinct. 3. Relationship Efficient and human, combining our management tool with meetings over coffee. The long-term goal: to build a family. 4. Content We encouraged (and produced) high quality content that was relevant to our audience and newsworthy for the media. 5. Track & report From our data, we extracted valuable insights that irrevocably changed and improved Desigual's digital strategy. 6. Evaluation We constantly reflected on the project, never shying from change to reach greater goals.