Dig-nificant Metamorph

Dig-nificant Metamorph is a moving image piece that represents that notion in which 'this' dignified defiance is fueled by the state of '20 and the self-worth, courage, temperance, and injustice.

2000 Videoart/loop

This piece is an adage to the person(s) of the marginalized. Using photography, moving image, and sound which is interwoven to create the video art piece. The use of photography came from re-examing the image of Rosa Parks On The Bus and imaging her thoughts and action, using the clenched fists as the symbol to her comments in her autobiography, she thought "The time had just come when I had been pushed as far as I could stand to be pushed, I suppose. I had decided that I would have to know, once and for all, what rights I had as a human being, and a citizen"
Rosa Parks (February 4, 1913–October 24, 2005)

This piece resonates in what the year '20 and the life experienced as a black and the marginalized.