Brand Development + Positioning

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Bold fast fashion boutique DLSB invited FormRoom to evolve and reposition the brand as a global online fashion destination.

Since launching in 2013, DLSB has experienced rapid growth and now needed one unified vision, brand positioning and core visual identity.

To unify and evolve the DLSB brand, FormRoom looked to capture the essence of its mission to empower its outspoken fans and bring their fashion credentials to life across all touchpoints.
Insight + Strategy

Delving deep into the existing brand and consumer psychology, FormRoom established an opportunity to unite a new brand direction with its target demographic.

We compiled the analytic data, audience insight and brand positioning to drive the new concept, which would help DLSB stand out in the over-saturated market and form a stronger connection with their consumer.

The insight underpinned the new brand vision, reflective of the customer and the feelings the brand wanted to invoke. ‘Inspire women to feel beautiful and empowered by giving them confidence through their style and clothing.’

We then distilled the vision and research into four brand pillars; ‘Empowering, Outspoken, Striking and Real,’ to guide the brand guardianship.
Brand Identity + Development

FormRoom developed a 360° brand guideline, covering every element of the visual identity; typography, brand colours, logo design, packaging, photography, website and social media.

As a way to evolve the existing DLSB brand identity, FormRoom looked to elevate the branding with a more contemporary and cohesive style.

We created a flexible brand visual language system that could be applied confidently across all the consumer touchpoints. The brand pillars and vision were carried through the branding assets into the tone of voice and photography style – giving DLSB a platform and guideline to follow into the future.

Photography guidelines were developing with provide art direction within composition, mood and lighting that would elevate the brand and help reflect the new image. This combined professional product photos and aspirational campaign imagery to inspire their fans within print and digital.

We established a clear tone of voice and brand personality in all messaging across the website and social media alongside a robust but adaptable digital marketing guide, which encompassed the photography style and graphic elements to carry into the future.

The typography style explores the contrast of brush strokes that gives the feel of a hand-written marker and bold, statement text.

A colour palette that differentiated the DLSB brand from competitors with a bold, impactful orange acting as the anchor brand colour. This is layered with light and dark grey tones and dark blue to be used as an accent colour.

A full suite of print, digital and corporate stationary assets were also provided, including product tags, packing and CSM material.