Do It Day

When: September 24th and November 2nd
Where: London
We believe marketing and media can change the world. And we aim to prove it. In just two days.
Do It Day is going to be the biggest thing on The Drum’s 2015 calendar, and the most inspirational media and marketing event of the year. We’ll be transforming the businesses, attitudes and lives, but we need your help.
Do It Day is a natural progression of The Drum Live (PPA Event of the Year) where our team produced a magazine in a day live in front of 400 people, and just so you know, it nearly killed us.
So this year instead of just challenging ourselves, we’re challenging the whole industry. Brands including Asda, Visa, Trinity Mirror, Shell, Unilever, IBM, Barclays and Viacom have come to us with problems and we need participants to come along and develop life transforming solutions.
For more information of how to get involved with Do It Day, check out