DX17 – Imperial War Museum, Duxford

  • Luke Thompson
  • Bridie Wilkinson
  • Phil McNeill
  • Izzy Kertland
  • Sean Malikides
  • Charlie Alford
  • Claire Campion
Imperial War Museum, Duxford commissioned sound artist Nick Ryan to create a site specific sound sculpture to celebrate their centenary. Kin was brought on to design, produce and install the sculpture and technology.
The abstract plane form houses lights that transmit one hundred archival recordings of people's memories of the airbase. Each light pulses imperceptibly as narrative fragments, voices, signals, anecdotes, and stories are played through them.
Visitors listen to these signals through custom made receivers that incorporate a light sensor and headphones.
An atmospheric sound track plays in the space, creating a narrative arc, ending with a dramatic Spitfire flypast.
This project was created whilst at Kin.


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