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Claire Campion

Senior CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Claire Campion

Senior CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a London based designer specialising in interaction, experience and exhibition design. I believe in a thorough, research led process and exploring cross-disciplinary design solutions to find the best method of communication. I have led projects for the Design Museum, The Eden Project, London Transport Museum and London College of Fashion among others. I have enjoyed a varied involvement in education over the last number of years and become really interested in student development and hands-on learning. I had the pleasure of standing as Practitioner in Residence at Camberwell throughout 2017. In my spare time, I make pots.
  • Eden Project – Invisible Worlds
    Earlier this year, the Eden Project launched an exciting new permanent exhibition, Invisible Worlds. I was lead design on two interactive exhibits. The Small Invisible is a 13 meter long wall showcasing 24 microbial stories. Interaction points along the wall encourage visitors to explore in different ways by using magnification lenses, viewfinders, scrollers and sliders to view images and text.   Two carousel projector wheels sit in front of the wall and display a selection of backlit microbial
  • Design Museum – Magic Mirror
    Last year the Design Museum opened their new permanent gallery and wanted an exhibit that would entertain visitors while also teaching them about Laver's Law. I worked closely with developers and designed this interactive mirror. James Laver was a fashion historian who believed in the cyclical nature of fashion. We designed an interactive mirror, allowing users to virtually try on outfits from nine different eras. A visitor can choose a prop from the dress up box. If they choose the walkman and
  • Level Kids – In Store Characters
    I designed a family of characters to live in The Chaloub Group's Dubai shopping mall – Level Kids. A ten meter long screen sits at the entrance to the store, posing as a window into the sea. In the central atrium of the mall, columns run up through the space clad in high resolution LED video panels, creating a giant canvas of moving colour and light. Rather than designing looping animations we created an environment whereby sea creatures and animals  appear at unscheduled intervals. Having desig
  • London College of Fashion – BA Show
    In June 2015 I was lead designer on this project to create a unifying concept to bring the schools together at London College of Fashion’s first collaborative BA degree show. We designed a series of shapes that represent the many different courses at LCF.  When these shapes come together they form one large geometric prism to signify the school as a whole. At the event, our concept came together in the central corridor where illuminated hanging shapes hung throughout the length of the space, creating a parallax style illusion.   We also designed furniture and shelving that was used to display students' work.  Singular and grouped hanging, lit shapes led visitors through the space and reinforced the unifying concept.
  • Yoga 15 App
    I worked closely with yoga instructor Abi Carverto design an app for her comprehensive programme that allows users to master skills by taking just 15 minutes a day to workout. This core concept became the focus point for developing the logo and branding.  The logo is made up of a family of shapes that are used throughout the user interface of both the app and the website. A points and medal system allows users to build up a personal profile that can be shared online. Yoga 15 is now available to download on the app store.
  • Design Ventura
    Design Ventura is an annual competition set by the Design Museum, challenging students aged 13–16 to create a new product to be manufactured and sold in the Design Museum shop. Kin was asked to work with the 2015 winning team to help develop, design and brand their winning product – a new take on the cotton reel racer. As lead designer, I attended workshops with the students where we decided to take influence from World War I dazzle ships. Taking this as a starting point, I designed a set of col
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Projects credited in
  • The Brilliant Sound Experience
    We showcased the collaboration between Sonos and the Google Assistant through a multi-city sensory experience.
  • Pot Party.
    Is the pottery collective I set up with Claire Campion. We have a sunny studio in South London full of clay, plants and tea. Find out more at
  • DX17 – Imperial War Museum, Duxford
    Imperial War Museum, Duxford commissioned sound artist Nick Ryan to create a site specific sound sculpture to celebrate their centenary. Kin was brought on to design, produce and install the sculpture and technology. The abstract plane form houses lights that transmit one hundred archival recordings of people's memories of the airbase. Each light pulses imperceptibly as narrative fragments, voices, signals, anecdotes, and stories are played through them. Visitors listen to these signals through
  • Debate Table
    In order to engage Royal Air Force Museum visitors with controversial topics such as drone warfare and the use of artificial intelligence, we created the Debate Table. Content is projected onto the interactive surface, which acts as a forum for gathering evidence, conversation, and debate. The table has two modes. ‘Gallery Mode’ allows individual visitors to browse images and articles by themselves, and to contribute their thoughts through mini interactives. ‘Group Mode’ allows an RAFM employee
  • D&AD
    This project combines a multi media branding scheme across three events for D&AD. For the Student Awards exhibition we created a series of sixteen interactive tables, each with a brief laser etched into the wooden surface. The nominated student work was shown in an embedded touchscreen. For the awards ceremony we created onscreen graphics, incorporating a sound reactive element that danced to specially commissioned music. For the three events we created three distinct identities which were appli
  • Designer Maker User - The Design Museum
    Designer Maker User presents the museum’s collection to look at the development of modern design through these three interconnected roles.
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  • Digital Design
  • Interaction Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Exhibition
  • Character Illustration
  • Communicating Ideas
  • Creative Concepting
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