Eden Project – Invisible Worlds

  • Claire Campion
  • Izzy Kertland
  • Charlie Alford
Earlier this year, the Eden Project launched an exciting new permanent exhibition, Invisible Worlds. I was lead design on two interactive exhibits.
The Small Invisible is a 13 meter long wall showcasing 24 microbial stories. Interaction points along the wall encourage visitors to explore in different ways by using magnification lenses, viewfinders, scrollers and sliders to view images and text.  
Two carousel projector wheels sit in front of the wall and display a selection of backlit microbial scientific slides. Visitors can turn the wheel to change projected content on the wall- animated loops of microbes at work. These projected discs evoke specimens viewed under a microscope.
The Vast Invisible’s four sided structure uses projection to illustrate four of the earth’s cycles - phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen. When a visitor stands in front of a cycle, an animated human form appears within the scene, interrupting the natural flow. A 3D camera allows the visitor to move the figure, a representation of themselves, within the scene.