Ebb & Flow

  • meysam dalir
  • Jason Bruges
Leading bathroom retailer C.P. Hart opened the doors to its ninth London showroom during the London Design Festival 2013 with the launch of C.P. Hart Chelsea, an inspirational new retail concept for the bathroom industry featuring a lighting sculpture by Jason Bruges Studio.

The studio was commissioned by C.P.Hart to explore the concept of water flow to fabricate a unique and dramatic sculpture. Clear, water-filled glass hemispheres hang from the ceiling and are used as lenses to create forever changing lighting patterns using computer-controlled LEDs and fans.

We suspended a series of water pixels from the ceiling, which have been choreographed to animate and create auroras of light around the sculpture itself. Each of the glass bowls acts as an individual pixel and is then animated through pulse work modulated control. We see extraordinary lighting effects as a result of this animation

The showroom also features two large media walls which have been integrated into the fabric of the showroom. The ground floor level screen plays content inspired by water and movement, designed by Jason Bruges Studio, whilst the consultation hub in the basement features an interactive screen that enables architects, designers and consumers to create digital mood boards for their project.