Espelma x Commission

Made possible by ASK US FOR IDEAS

"The perfect pairing of agency and client is down to chemistry, not experience. "
-Nick Bell, Founder of ASK US FOR IDEAS
"The perfect pairing of agency and client is down to chemistry, not experience.
Commission's portfolio, whilst being undeniably exquisite was not the reason why we recommended them to Espelma.
It was because we immediately recognised traits in the client which we also knew were core to Commission's culture: an attention to detail and love of craft.
Commission love working with people who believe in their products – who are making and creating things that mean something to them – and ones that they themselves can appreciate, whether they might be a customer or not.
Espelma was exactly that – a pair of founders who wanted to work with a creative team who valued the same things they did. This meeting of minds has resulted in an achingly stylish and tactile brand identity and we’re delighted to have been part of that journey."
-Nick Bell, Founder of ASK US FOR IDEAS
"The creation of the candle fragrances for Espelma were inspired by founders Clara and Claudia's long summers spent at their grandmother's house near Barcelona as children. In turn this inspired our approach to the packaging.
The box form is based on that of a story book with a cover that features tactile shapes in silicone that figuratively emulate both a key ingredient from the scent and a wax spill."
Each candle is presented in a handmade mouth-blown Murano glass designed by Clara and Claudia. The packaging needed to protect this precious glass through transport, but also present the candle in an elegant way.
The custom drawn Espelma logo has a subtle, figurative flame at the heart of the uppercase E, and adorns the packaging along the spine of the box, like the title of a book and the details of the silicone shapes which playfully spill over the covers of the candle packaging.
"We developed a wax blend that was safer to burn indoors. It was important that our candles be both beautiful and sustainable so we commissioned glass-blowers in Murano to create colorful bowls that could be refilled time and time again with wax. Every customer has a candle that is a unique work of art! '
-Clara and Claudia, founders of ESPELMA


Our wax is a healthy blend of beeswax, coconut wax, rapeseed oil and soy wax. No paraffin wax is used in our candles.


Each of our candles are mouth blown in Murano, Italy by skilled artisans who make each piece uniquely by hand.


We believe in reusable luxury: once you burn through your original candle, you can always purchase wax refills to bring new life to your candle.


Our debut fragrances are inspired in our long summers spent at our grandmother's house near Barcelona.