*EVENT* Rethinking the Modern Workplace with Chris Kane and Pilita Clark (Oct 27th)

  • Matt James
  • Lisa Goll

We're pleased to present, Chris Kane, author of Where is My Office?, in conversation with award-winning Financial Times journalist Pilita Clark about the profound change we are witnessing to the modern workplace. In the rise of agile working, hot-desking, co-working spaces, and new technological innovations, the traditional office space no longer serves the needs of the 21st century workforce, and even less so now that so many of us have shifted to working from home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. What does the 'office' even mean to us now? What does it mean for employees and leaders and, even more crucially, for business owners, landlords and investors, when most professionals have found they can work just as well from their kitchen table? We aim to find out. Chris is widely recognised as an international expert in the corporate real estate community, having spearheaded the BBC's move to MediaCity in West London and worked in the corporate real estate division of the Walt Disney Company in the U.S. Join us on October 27th from 6pm - 7pm online. Book your place via Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/3hRW4NL