Expert Outlook 2022: Opt in/Opt out

  • Victoria Reis

Are people supporting local or itching to go global? Living for today or tomorrow? Searching for freedom or a need to belong? Meet the mindsets of 2022. Post-lockdown, people are eager to go their own way. The pandemic has forced people to prioritise what matters to them, and now they are taking action to opt in and out of societal expectations to build lifestyles, communities and activities that align with their values. Whether opting into novel experiences like the metaverse and opting out of traditional office work, or opting into new forms of community-building and opting out of traditional financial systems, Canvas8’s 2022 mindsets map out the consumer currents brands need to know. We spoke to 35 global experts and 33 cultural insiders across 9 countries to uncover three new mindsets set to disrupt and define the year ahead. Get access to the report here: