Selfridges, London

FormRoom continued their collaboration with FaceGym to design and implement their first permanent concession at the world-renowned Selfridges, London.

FaceGym is a world-first beauty work out, combining facial muscle stimulations, massage and bespoke products. FaceGym takes a training approach to beauty and health experiences – crafting face treatments to target the 40 facial muscles.

FormRoom worked to connect the FaceGym brand identity with customer experience. The new workout studio invites customers to experience FaceGym’s signature workouts by qualified trainers. Additionally, individual DIY stations have been created for customers to try out the FaceGym products for themselves. This offers a distinctively faster paced experience to that of the retail stores.

Transporting customers into the industrial luxe world of FaceGym, FormRoom developed brand signifiers in bespoke gymnasium hoops – a homage to retro sports equipment – as contemporary, functioning LED lighting.

FormRoom designed a custom-built MAKE IT bar with tapped glass serum vessels. This space allowed customers to blend their own unique oils with help from expert mixologists.

Champagne gold meshes affixed to the bar, juxtapose the hardened concrete wall surfaces. Warm LED lighting provides a soft, luxurious glow within the bar and throughout the industrial, yet feminine space.
FaceGym have a strong environmental identity that FormRoom established in the blueprint design. Working to a brief of achieving a minimum of 25% usage of recycled materials, FormRoom sourced sustainable materials, including the use of SMILE Plastics sheet material. Manufactured from recycled yoghurt pots, the bespoke sheeting has been used throughout the bar top and POS shelving units.
FormRoom worked closely with the internal teams to translate the new design language into the physical space, creating a flexible blueprint that will be used across future retail concepts both in the UK and internationally.