Fluids Project

  • Katerina Drury
Here is a selection of CG images, exploring some of Happy Finish's best fluids work. This great selection of Before and After stills show how the talented Retouch and CG artiststs at Happy Finish go about creating chalk renders and the subsequent finished article. Please have a look below and enjoy the "behind the scenes" of these CG fluids projects!

1 :
Client: Remy Martin - Agency: Brooklyn Brother NYC - CG Artist: Chris Davis - Retoucher: Stefano Cherubini

Client: Carlsberg - CG Artist: Happy Finish - Retoucher: Chris Roome

Client: Strongbow - Agency: Saint Lukes - CG Artist: Martin Ocheng - Retoucher: Terry Obiora

Client: Cadburys - Agency: Publicis Ireland - CG Artist: Simon Allan - Retoucher: Stefano Cherubini

Client: Cadburys - Agency: Fallon - CG Artist: Simon Allan - Retoucher: Jake Hickman

Client: Fruttare - Agency: Lowe Brazil - CG Artist: Simon Allan - Retoucher: Christopher Peabody