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Fresh Future

  • Tim Jarvis
  • Fabrik .
  • Jill Barnard
  • Ash K Halliburton
  • sam chivers
  • Phil Corbett
  • Jennifer Hayashi
  • Tatsunori Ishikawa
  • Gemma Lacey
  • Peter Marsden
  • Alex Noble
  • Ricky Richards
  • Karl Velasco

Fresh Future is a launchpad for discovering and awarding creative talent on merit, without compromise. Our capacity to create thrives when there are no boundaries, no borders and no limits. Fresh is an annual awards initiative for creativity that is inclusive, culturally-focussed and global but most of all, it's free for everyone to take part. We built Fresh to realize and nurture a new way to reward creativity. Shape the future, showcase your creativity.

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