Friday Late: Food for Thought

  • Jenna Mason
  • Yewande YoYo Odunubi

Explore how food can both sustain and be sustainable as we question the (shelf) life of our plates.

28 June 2019
18.30 – 22.00
Our personal and cultural relationships to food shape what and how we eat, and our food-based traditions sustain a sense of community and shared heritage. Yet the way we eat is also having a significant impact on the environment. How can we preserve our emotional connections to food while protecting the planet? This Friday Late, navigate the supermarket aisle to explore how food can sustain and be sustainable. Experience the synchronised movements of dancers and dough, and play with your food to question your culinary choices. Examine your connection to dining rituals and confess your food waste sins as we question the (shelf) life of our plates.
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Marta Fernández
CalvoAurore Lacabe
Caroline Foulkes
Borja Gómez-Ferrer
Screen Shot magazine
Beccy McCray
Beulah Garner (Natural History Museum)
Laura Wilson
Elina Akhmetova
Iris Chan
Adam Moore
Pitch Portal
Smisko Ackerman
Home, A Queer Cooking Series
Photographs, Room 99
The Modern Media Gallery
Home, A Queer Cooking Series
Michael Chernak
Vivien Sansour
Esiah Levy (1986–2019)
Delfina Foundation
Georgeenia Ariaratnam
Matteo Menapace
Nick Laessing
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