GAIKA X Boiler Room Present SYSTEM: Future Sounds

  • Sasha Kluvitse
  • akwasi mensa
  • Pam Hernandez
  • Weyland McKenzie-Witter
  • Jacob Read
  • Morgane Kirk

In August 2018, Boiler Room commissioned an installation, in collaboration with the performance artist GAIKA, exploring the history of sound system culture in the UK.

The installation, a huge futuristic sound system, played archived material related to Windrush and Carnival as a way to explore themes of immigration, “blackness”, anti-authoritarianism, cultural expression, interchange and raw technical prowess which is at the heart of sound system culture.
As part of this installation, there were a series of weekly off-camera parties; rigging the sound system to play music. The events ran in collaboration with the future of the Sound System community of Notting Hill Carnival and the UK and will curated by community leaders, championing sound system culture.
The events were held in the Lancaster Room at Somerset House.
Natural Mystic - Influenced by his Caribbean roots, Simba explored soundsystems from an early age. He has since travelled and toured across Canada, US and Europe refining his sound; celebrating old and new waves of the soundsystem generation and defining his position in the current scene.
Tudor Lion - A young player in the thriving London soundsystem community is closely connected with the younger generations of soundsystem culture. Tudor Lion is a box-pusher/selector for the Channel One Sound System Crew. Tudor curated the second event of the series.
Thali Roots - Born into a household of soundsystem, Thali brings tradition and modernity to roots, reggae and dub music with via CAYA, Come As You Are, Soundsystem. Staying true to CAYA's ethos, the final night will see a celebration of rich culture using music to bring people together.
Project Director Remi Ajani
Project Manager & Programmer Sasha Kluvitse
Marketing Executive & Programmer Osho Frankland
Creative Producer Morgane Kirk

Producer Global Events Harry Lightfoot
Producer (Events) Balogun Aubee
Sound James Younger

Art Director Josh Wiley
Graphic Designer Maria Amaro
Motion Graphics Designer Stefan Iyapeh
Video Editor Craig Massie