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Women of colour need their own space – so I’ve set up a feminist magazine

“The feminism I was seeking was one that explored how young millennial women navigated multiple identities, one that addressed blatant discrimination and silent oppression, and one that refused to treat women as a homogeneous entity” – Liv Little

Doing it for the kids: how to start a DIY collective

“From political updates to thinkpieces on how to expertly chirpse a crush, gal-dem provides a platform for women of colour to showcase their work.” – Amy Walker

People of colour are painfully absent from our museums. Let’s change that

“Last week the print and online magazine collective, gal-dem, curated an event that was nothing short of breathtaking at The V&A in London. People of colour, in their thousands, confidently walked through the corridors and display rooms of a museum established to show off the booty of empire.” – Lola Okolosie

‘Poor little snowflake’ – the defining insult of 2016

“Little set up gal-dem as a student in 2015, in response to a lack of diversity at her own university. It has since grown to a collective of more than 70 women of colour and recently won a prestigious award for Online Comment Site of the Year.”  – Rebecca Nicholson

Why media spaces for women of colour need to exist

“The idea of a platform like this is almost painfully obvious, and gal-dem has quickly spin-balled, picking up nearly 50 contributors along the way. The only problem has been that some people are struggling to understand why a platform like ‘gal-dem’ needs to exist. This is why.” – Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

The magazines genuinely representing young women of colour

“gal-dem has been on our radar – and opinions editor Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff a regular contributor to Dazed Digital – since launching its online platform last year. Introduced as a much-needed space online with content produced exclusively by young women of colour and in the lead up to their first birthday, a delightful announcement that gal-dem is set to publish its first print issue has come through – out September!” – Ashleigh Kane

gal-dem just launched a print mag and it’s a game changer

“I’m hoping this magazine will eventually reach the type of teenager who is fed up with looking at skinny white women and vapid sex columns. I know that I would have benefited from it when I was growing up.” – Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

gal-dem take over V&A with London’s most inspiring women

“Expect to see the faces and hear the voices of people such as Lotte Anderson and Lynette Nylander (who will discuss confidence and the challenges of finding your voice), South London’s party crew BBZ, WAH Nails, Reel Good Film Club, fashion designer Ibiye Camp, as well as MCs and DJs; Souljah, Flohio, Melz, A.G., and DJ Darkstepper.” – Ashleigh Kane

Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: Liv Little, the woman behind @galdemzine – a magazine collective run by women of colour.

100 Women 2016: Does twerking objectify or empower?

“A magazine produced by women of colour, gal-dem, has taken over the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with a series of workshops. One ‘twerkshop’ asks whether the dance known as twerking empowers or objectifies women.” – Hannah Ajala

Liv Little of gal-dem talks to thandiekay

“At the moment, of course, the magical women that make up gal-dem inspire me endlessly, they are all incredible and have such a diverse body of talents. We literally have it all, from illustrators, to film makers and DJs – the fact that everyone juggles so many things and are making things happen is a massive inspiration.” – Liv Little

Occupying Space: V&A gal-dem takeover

“The V&A hosts a Friday Late where the museum extends its public opening hours until 22.00 on every last Friday of the month. Last week, however, was perhaps the first time that the 160+ year old institution was celebrated beautiful female diversity in this way.” – Oyin Akande
Crack Magazine

Perspective: gal-dem and the Elevation of Unheard Voices

“For the past year, gal-dem has been shouting about the lack of diversity in the media and the creative industries, and how this leads to situations where, for instance, you have national newspapers demonising young, black female student campaigners, publishing racist cartoons, and organising positive action events where all the speakers are white men. Our exclusion so often means we are underrepresented and misrepresented in areas where we should be flourishing.” – Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff
The Voice

Filling The Gap Of What Young Black Women Want

“Cheekily named gal-dem, an online platform for women of colour, the venture is still in its infancy but already making waves.”– Elizabeth Pears