Get to know the 10 new fashion brands shaking up the industry

  • Iryna Degoda
  • Sunny Patel
  • Kat Fitzakerly
  • Desree Akorahson
  • Jessica Deacon
  • Tolu Coker
  • Tom Weller
  • Ricky Harriott
  • Katie Gementera
  • Hannah Prebble
  • Krasimira Stoyneva

ASOS, as part of the company’s commitment to supporting emerging talent, launches ASOS Fashion Discovery 2017 for the second year. The competition is open to up and coming fashion companies registered in the UK and aims to find the very best emerging talent.

Discover the 10 finalists below.
Voting opens at 10am BST on Tuesday 17 April 2018 and closes at 10am BST on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

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Get to know the brands

Bans Illustration

I like to think of each of my pieces as having healing qualities for whoever wears them.' Bans wants to spread the love to as many people as possible and use her platform to help others. @bansillustration

Behind the brand

Brixton-based Bans is about inclusivity, self-love and cool, wearable pieces. The brand was launched very organically, and evolved from Hannah Prebble's art.
'I've been an artist for as long as I can remember', says Hannah.
'The pieces always turn heads when you walk down the street, and people ask where they’re from.'
'To have recognition from such an amazing legacy would provide me with the tools to take my brand to the next level.'
Discover more about Bans Illustration here.


Inspired by the designer's own dress sense, CARBS is all about unique, bright and playful pieces which stand out with confidence. @wearcarbs

Behind the brand

In the words of the designer, everyone should have some CARBS in their life.
'I used to really struggle to find clothes that I liked – usually, if I found something I loved that was unique, I couldn’t afford it!, says Jessica.
'I design what I want to wear but can't find. It's not about age but personality, a confidence, which is not currently widely available.'
'It would give me the confidence boost and the support that I need to move my brand forward.'
Discover more about CARBS here.

Desree Akorahson

Passionate about people and self-expression, Akorahson's bold and fun designs draw inspiration from the 60s. @DESREÉ

Behind the brand

Akorahson uses bright primary colours and laser-cut details to bring her collection to life.
'My collection was made on my living-room table with an old sewing machine and the help of some really good friends. I was inspired by the rainforest. However, my true inspiration was Delpozo, who showed me how to be bold with shape and colour.'
'To be given this opportunity means a lot, and winning would change my life.'
Discover more about Desree here.

Fortie Label

Demolishing outdated stereotypes and unifying strong, powerful women are high on the agenda for Fortie Label. @fortielabel

Behind the brand

Counting Rihanna and Vogue Italia among its fans, Fortie Label is one to watch.
'I started my brand straight after graduating from Central Saint Martins,' says Essie Buckman.
'I launched officially after Rihanna was pictured wearing the first garment from my first collection.
Fortie Label is for the 20-something-year-old badass – straight-talking, game-changing females.'
'It would mean less limitations, the ability to not have to struggle to get the Fortie message across and the confidence to fully develop a business.'
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Katie Gementera

Inspired by the designer's own childhood and drawing on themes of nostalgia and playfulness, Katie Gementera designs for the statement makers. @katiegementera

Behind the brand

Think contemporary silhouettes and whimsical accessories inspired by childhood.'
As part of a generation who explores self-identity a lot, I see my clothing evolving with no constraints of staying within one brand concept.'
'I'm inspired by anything from art to movies to photographs. Even one small detail can trigger a whole collection,' says Katie.
'This has encouraged me to push harder through challenges and setbacks, and do everything I can to move forward in order to progress with the brand.'
Discover more about Katie here.

Krasimira Stoyneva

Stoyneva designs for the risk takers, who aren't afraid to express their feelings and emotions through personal style. @krasimira_stoyneva

Behind the brand

This is a brand for the rebellious, bold and stylish – all with ethical fashion at the forefront.
'It takes time for people to see and appreciate what you do. Over the last few years there have been ups and downs, but now the brand is rising' says Krasimira.
'My designs are full of personality, and that directly affects who buys from us. The clothes are colourful, bright and eye-catching, and so is our customer.'
'I intend to collaborate with other sustainable designers to be able to offer more exclusive ranges and extend my vision to new products.'
Discover more about Krasimira here.


An 'obsession' with design and functionality underpins a brand that rejects conventions. Designing beyond gender-specific clothing, LYPH is all about creating playful, unisex cuts. @lyphapparel

Behind the brand

LYPH rejects convention, creating unisex pieces with a focus on design and functionality.
'I started the brand because of my personal obsession with design and functionality – it’s this idea that menswear and womenswear can work together seamlessly,' says LYPH.
'The concept of sticking to one type of look is alien to LYPH – merging multiple trends and silhouettes together is what the brand’s all about.'
'Winning would allow LYPH to grow – the knowledge that we’d gain from working with ASOS would help us understand the fashion industry so much more.'
See more from LYPH here

Sullen Girl

Inspired by photographer Larry Clark’s work, Sullen Girl is all about turning female stereotypes into bold, unapologetic wearable statements. @sullengirluk

Behind the brand

Sullen Girl is all about empowering girls and giving them a sense of community through game-changing designs.
'I wanted to create a collective identity for girls – to give them something which would make them feel empowered,' says Tom Weller.
From 70s British punk fangirls to old Chinese martial-art film posters – the references behind Sullen Girl’s silhouettes are as diverse as they are daring.
'Winning this competition would finally allow me to work on my brand full-time – that way, it could achieve its full potential.'
Find out more about Sullen Girl here.

Tolu Coker

This west-London based brand creates timeless, unisex designs that play with print and texture to embody empowerment and togetherness. @tolucoker

Behind the brand

People, togetherness and empowerment are the ultimate focus of Tolu Coker, who champions timeless pieces that speak of quality, process and conscious education.
'I love how clothing can bring people together and empower us all, so starting my own brand to continue that process and journey was inevitable.'
Drawing from a vision to 'have conversations with people through clothing', Tolu Coker creates style designed for everyone through clashing prints and textures.
'For me, the prize extends beyond financial freedom – it’s an empowerment tool to bring all my ideas, groundwork, passion and drive into fruition.'
Discover more work by Tolu here.

Wesley Harriott

Sharing stories through powerful style, Walthamstow-based Wesley Harriot champions striking silhouettes and multifunctional fashion. @wesley_harriott

Behind the brand

At the core of Wesley Harriott lies a vision to tell stories of empowerment and to offer style that amplifies a woman's perception and presence.'
I have always regarded myself as a storyteller, and created my brand as an outlet for those narratives.'
Creating clothing to act as an extension of a woman's power, Wesley Harriott transcends gender focuses through dynamic pieces that focus on silhouettes, utility and multifunctionality.
'To have that level of support and guidance makes me feel that what I could achieve moving forward is limitless. This competition would change my life.'
Discover more about Wesley Harriott here.

The Fashion Discovery Prize

What are we looking for?
Like last year, the ASOS Fashion Discovery judges are looking for two brands that stand out and display originality, commerciality, personality and entrepreneurial flair.

The Prize
The winners will receive:
12 months of mentoring support from ASOS, providing insight and advice from key areas of the online retailer’s expertise including retail, content, marketing, finance and sourcing.
A £50,000 cash prize
An edit of the winners’ collections will be available on the ASOS website.

In addition to ASOS inside experts, the judging panel includes Susie Lau, Katie Baron and Gemma Shiel.
This year, there will be a minimum of two winners which will be handpicked by the judges. However, there will also be a “People's Pick” winner, selected by a public vote of the final 10 candidates, who’s collection will also be sold on site.

Which new brand would you like to see on ASOS?

You have until 10am BST on Tuesday 1st May 2018 to vote for your favourite finalist here.

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