Global Artists 'Design The Future'

  • Mohammed Saiful Hussain
  • George Lee
  • Ekaterina Solomeina

Our team have brought together a myriad of different artists and designers from across the globe to ‘design the future’, speculate what it will be like in 100 years, aiming to inspire designers everywhere to be part of it. From Nigeria to Singapore, Netherlands to China, India to Australia creatives from over 13 countries, spanning across 6 continents imagined the future where animals and plants have the ability to translate their feelings to a human, you can hug your Siri, cars can fly through the air and space travel is as easy as catching a taxi. The digital piece will be announced in conjunction with our Executive Programme for Design Leaders, inspired by Bauhaus founded 100 years ago. The upcoming programme was created together with leaders at companies like Spotify, Wolff Olins, Pentagram, Amazon, Zaha Hadid Architects to equip senior creatives with 15+ years of experience with skills and mindsets of the future.

Prateek Vatash

In the year 2120, Prateek Vatash predicts space travel will be “as easy as catching a taxi - Hop onto a local rocket-bus, from one of the interplanetary stations, and take a trip to one of the many fantastic destinations on the multiple planets in and outside our solar system!”

Prateek is a graphic artist and designer based out of Bangalore, India. His work, primarily using a blend of 3D and 2D media, brings together forms and content taken from his multiple interests in the fields of typography, architecture, interior design, and the occult. He enjoys working with vibrant and neon tones, to evoke different moods and hints of nostalgia.
Instagram - @vatash

Juan ER

Juan ER is an illustrator based in Nanjing, China. His work encompasses fluorescent colours with a surreal interpretation of everyday life.

Behance - Juan ER

Ibrahim Rayintakath

Ibrahim envisages a future that focuses on “health infrastructure and medicine, on mass healing.” His bright and graphic illustration imagines how with tech-combined medicine we could “create super figure out underlying medical conditions and cure them.”

Ibrahim is an Art Director and Illustrator from Kerala, India. He started his career as a graphic designer and has been working in the advertising industry for the last four years. He is currently a Creative Associate with SPRNG Bangalore.

Instagram - @ibrahirn
Giordano Poloni
Giordano Poloni is an award-winning freelance illustrator based in Milan. He earned a cinema bachelor’s degree and in his past he has worked for advertising production companies as an editor and motion graphic designer.

Instagram - @giordanopoloni

Fernando Molina

Fernando captures the perfect harmony between technology, nature and science, without any kind of aggression between them. He believes that “The balance in the evolution of everyone will give us openings for new searches and knowledge.”

Fernando Molina is an italian illustrator. art director and graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. His work tackles societal changes through whimsy, exaggerated compositions exploding with colour.
Instagram - @fernanumolina
David Brodeur
David wishes in the year 2120, we will have harnessed the power of gravity - Transforming classic road cars into hover cars.David is a freelance creative director and founder of studio Locked And Loading. He has worked with culturally-relevant brands such as Gucci and Vice.

Instagram - @lockedandloading

Niyi Okeowo

Niyi exemplifies what our monuments would look like in 100 years. With advances in technology, idealised sculptures of future planets could be formed.

Niyi Okeowo is a multidisciplinary art director and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His focus lies in art direction, branding, and photography, with over 8 years of experience, he has worked with numerous established brands and startups to create experiences, identities, and visuals.

Instagram - @helloniyiokeowo

Vasjen Katro (Baugasm)

Vasjen wanted to convey in his image that there is, "...Something holding all of us together. Is one main purpose for the future where the abstract bean star in the image represents the icon to unite us all.”

Vasjen Katro is a visual Designer from Albania. Famous for his Baugasm work, Vasjen is a multidisciplinary creative experimenting in graphic design, 3d, photography, cinematography and music.

Instagram - @baugasm

Oksana Grivina

Oksana wonders in 100 years time, animals and plants will have the ability to “translate their feelings and thoughts” to humans.

Oksana Grivina is a Russian freelance illustrator based in Aveiro, Portugal. She creates joyful character-based work for print and digital mediums, including her own Shutterstock collections.
Website -

Chiara Vercesi

Chiara wonders what the interaction between humans and AI look like in 2120. Will there be an increased need for a more human-like interaction with tech? Her work pictures, “What if you could hug your Siri?”
Chiara is an Italian illustrator working, biking and growing tulips in Amsterdam. Her work reflects both her Italian nature and her Dutch influences. Being inspired by Depero and Escher, she loves bright colours and clean, geometric shapes and is fascinated by scientists and inventors.

Instagram @chiara_vercesi
Kezia Gabriella
Kezia depicts housing systems to be “more space-efficient and energy-conscious.” All houses will be equipped with a unique ‘anti-gravity component that creates more space for homeowners’ and “vertical farming facilities” on the rooftops.Kezia is an art director and illustrator based in Singapore, with works that visualise the mundanities in life through bold colours, irregular character and exaggerated gestures. She currently is a full time freelancer on top of running ANTINORMAL , an independent illustration lab and creative shop.

Instagram - @kzgabriella