Go Anywhere, Go Everywhere

To celebrate the launch of the All-New Renault Twingo, Publicis Conseil in association with Renault recruited worldwide renowned animated graphic artists Kuntzel+Deygas to create an advertising campaign which spotlights the car’s outstanding agility.

French visual artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas created a cartoon character to lead the charge. Twingo plays the eponymous protagonist in an animated choreography featuring a succession of virtuoso manoeuvres through kaleidoscopic worlds. With cosmic planets and huge, colourful creatures, Twingo is shown tackling a series of hairpin bends, dodging a maze of water droplets and swirling through mind-bending tunnels.

These VOD films are part of a wider campaign for Renault, which also includes one two-minute film and a series of print and digital iterations for a fully-integrated through-the-line campaign, all embodying the ‘Go Anywhere, Go Everywhere’ tagline.