Google Qibla Finder

  • Matt Booy

Pointing prayers in the right direction with a stunningly simple augmented reality app. Ramadan is a busy month for practicing Muslims around the world but, when it comes time to pray, finding the direction of Mecca is a much more difficult task than it first seems. With a slew of unreliable apps causing frustrations through their inaccuracy, and the insight that people were already using Google Maps to guide the way, we partnered with Google Brand Studio to develop a sophisticated, yet simple tool to help alleviate worry for over 60 million people during this incredibly significant time. To set the project even further apart, we made Qibla Finder as accessible as possible, building the app in a web browser, for both iOS and Android devices, and providing both AR and non-AR versions. It’s simplicity and usability no doubt contributed to over 4 million unique engagements during the first month, as well as the huge frequency of returning visitors long after the events of Ramadan were over. Qibla Finder combines in-built mobile technology, GPS navigation and a host of live data inputs to make finding Mecca as precise and straightforward as possible. Working in tandem with an in-camera AR overlay, users will know exactly when they are facing the Kaaba - and how far they are from it.