"After six years of working as a graphic designer in the commercial industry, I recognised the pressing need for sustainability in the design sector. Other disciplines such as architecture, fashion and interior design seemed to develop, but my own profession seemed to fuel up today's social and environmental issues: No tracking of a product's carbon emission, creating tons of waste and using unsustainable materials such as single-use plastics, to name a few. Since I was a child I’ve had a deep passion for nature and biology, and researching deeper into the issues of biodiversity loss and how today’s capitalism exploits our planet got me so angry, that this led me to develop "Biophilic Graphic Design” during my master’s at Middlesex University London. Inspired by the study that 70% of all things that have an impact on our environment went through a design phase, this innovative approach combines Wilson's Biophilic Hypothesis with graphic design principles to address the industry's unsustainable practices. My project "Growable Graphics" exemplifies this ethos, demonstrating how we can grow our graphics instead of printing them, and how design can promote environmental stewardship and reconnect humanity with nature. It answers questions such as: How can we collaborate with other species, support biodiversity in cities and bring back value and respect for nature?" Trixi Marx and her project won a Gold Award in our Awards. Read more about her work in her blog on our website: Are you a creative student or a recent graduate + passionate about creating positive change? See what you can gain from submitting your project to the Creative Conscience Awards: