Happy International Womxns Day 2020!

There's something significant to be said about a womxn to helps another. Help could mean showing up, a slight nod in the crowd to reassure her shx's doing well, a hug, a check in to see if she's okay, fighting her corner until the world's end or just liking her content. This International womxn day, we celebrate & stand by womxn globally who are marking their efforts in creating a better, more equal & impactful society for one another. IWD is a time to stand back and reflect on all we've achieved and strategise all we have coming up. This day, we want to share our love and gratitude to our community, who without even realising have supported us in all those ways mentioned and many more. Without our community, we wouldn't exist, shine or prosper as we do. Let's not forget, that behind every successful womxn is another cheering her on and making sure the crowd does too. We want to be your cheerleaders, supporters, Educators, motivators, advocates and ambassadors. So we promise to stand by you when times are tough, lift you up when you need and shout your praises until the end. Here's to #eachforequal, for #genderequality and for us. ❤️