Selfridges - London

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FormRoom produced and installed a ‘Glam Rock’ inspired window design for the iconic Hennessy X.O. Located at Selfridges. This year the iconic X.O comes in a daring and modern striped decanter created by the celebrated Australian designer Marc Newson.

The window display unveiled the limited-edition bottle, revelling Hennessy Xo ability to transcend and continue to exist in a very contemporary way.
Design & Manufacture

The design direction was a mixture of high shine and metallic materiality in a nod to this year’s ‘Glam Rock’ theme.

The window design amplifies the decanters distinctive shape and contents, combining mirrored polycarbonate curtains and transparent plexi flooring. The stairs were laid with silver, glossy laminate and coated with the Hennessy red colour.

To achieve maximum impact, mirrored light bulbs were installed above the display to replicate stage lighting and set the ambiance.