Production & Hosting RCA CAP Radio Show on Montez Press

  • Évelin Maier

Hosting an RCA Montez Press Radio Show, together with Daisy Jones 2pm-5pm (BST) Tuesday, 28 March Listen into an extract on Come and listen to the unique endeavours, uncovering and unleashing audio realms of emotions, echos, stories, electronic beats and mathematical constructions Beyond Horizon. The aural branch of Beyond Surface: the RCA CAP Festival of 2023, where contemporary artists from around the globe share their stories through recent works. Beyond Surface Radio is a sonic assemblage blending spoken word and poetic interludes exploring the surreal, political, radical and tender. Short stories, soundscapes and conversations are interwoven in this three hour-long broadcast. Beyond Surface Radio features artists who are all currently studying on the MA Contemporary Art Practice programme at the Royal College of Art.

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