How to have Individual Responsibility

Happy Easter everybody!! Today I thought of doing an Easter special and talk to you about individual responsibility. Today is one of the most important and oldest festivals of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. I am not catholic at all, so don’t run away yet. But as some psychologists say god is a metaphor for ourselves.
As a society, we have a set of responsibilities, and in this day and age, considering what is happening with our planet, we should ask ourselves, what can we do to change it. An alienated society is not acceptable anymore, there is a hunger for different paths.
In the last centuries, we have witnessed what humans can do on a global scale. Not only to the planet, searching for profit, but also to his fellow specimens, launching world-scale radioactive bombs and building gulag encampments, all on behalf of philosophies too good to be true.

I see the allure in such philosophies but hopefully, we already comprehended what blind ego achieves ( don’t think for a second that each and every one of us is not capable of such horrific deeds.) The saturation of hatred going around does not do anyone any good. It may be difficult to take a moment to revise all the factions in an argument but is the only possible root to fight ideological possession.
The Last approaches are not reasonable, a learning curve is needed – take into consideration our ancestors, consider the future and what we can do in the present, taking responsibility for evading such actions. What I am witnessing right now, is the repetition of past actions – racism, war, bombing, and destruction for profit, religion or ego elevated to its maximum capacity.

Either from our choices of world leaders, our buying compulsions or even how we treat each other as discardable items. Everyone needs to set an action plan. It does not need to be a huge global change, just a small one, an individual one. Consider the power of numerous small actions during long periods. Take our current situation with COVID and how human compassion brings order- diminution of virus spreading- and you would think that this would be an outcome difficult to refute but the truth has shown us differently.

Changing our mindset, what we consider worthy of our time, is all we can do. As I wrote in a previous article, conviction over coercion. Just being more aware of your shopping choices. Buying only what we need.
Consider not eating so much meat. The beef industries are one of the most polluting industries out there, just a small reduction in meat consumption can have effects on a bigger scale. A cow produces Metano, the equivalent of 30 cells of Carbon Dioxide. Analyzing our shopping choices and the usage of extensive palm oil, which destroys 80 % of the world rain forests, forests which absorb that Carbon Dioxide, we better start reducing one or the other, or both!!!