Hypnotism Social Experiment - Education For Refugees

  • Saxony Goodwin
  • Sarah-Louise Bingley
  • Ellie Sheldon-Moore
  • Helen Jackson

A world without education is unimaginable - but this is the world that over 3.6 million refugee children are living in right now. To make audiences relate to the issue, we took ordinary people of all levels of education and hypnotised them to lose their basic reading, writing and counting skills. The video aired a week before the UN summit and had a huge impact, rapidly gaining nearly 4 million views. It compelled 50,000 people to sign a petition that would put education at the heart of the conversation at the summit - knocking all KPIs out of the water within the first 12 hours of going live. World leaders took note and have pledged to get 1 million more refugee children back to school. An incredible first step. Over 4 million cumulative views Video shared over 17k shares across Facebook & Twitter 50k+ petition signatures Widely covered by the likes of The Independent, Mashable and The Drum, and many others, including a notable share from Sacha Baron Cohen.