Ellie Sheldon-Moore

Ellie Sheldon-Moore

Head of Engagement/Strategy ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
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Ellie Sheldon-Moore

Ellie Sheldon-Moore

Head of Engagement/Strategy ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
  • Blind First Dates
    Blind First DatesAlmost two million people in the UK today are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. Of those, around 180,000 rarely leave their homes alone and can lead lonely, isolated lives. To deliver this message in a relatable setting, our four guide dog owners met strangers for a first date, reveal the challenges of living with sight loss and the huge difference a guide dog has made to their lives. But as ever, the challenges of dating make for some awkward moments th
  • Tough To Talk
    Tough To TalkChildline is urging boys to speak out about suicidal feelings as figures reveal they are six times less likely than girls to talk to counsellors about thoughts of ending their lives. The #ToughtoTalk campaign was created using real accounts from boys over suicidal thoughts and feelings, which are subtly referenced throughout the film to indicate signs that someone might be experiencing suicidal thoughts. The film utilises the listical theme popularised by new media sites to flip the narrative a
  • The Heist No One is Talking About
    The Heist No One is Talking AboutThe 'Even it Up' campaign and film set out to illustrate the tangible human cost of tax avoidance. Companies dodge approx. £78bn in tax in poor countries annually; just a third of this is enough to cover the bill for essential healthcare that could prevent the needless deaths of eight million mothers, babies and children. There's a global heist hitting the poorest the hardest, and it’s about time we get people talking about it. Achieved over 1.5m views, support from multiple politicians and won
    SOMNAIEntertainment company DotDotDot's first immersive experience 'SOMNAI' was launched with a 360 in-world campaign before moving on to more traditional promotional efforts. The 'Dream Guides' were the face of the campaign, with a mysterious and unexplained hero film surfacing across social to build intrigue ahead of the first show.
  • When I Grow Up...
    When I Grow Up...To mark International Day of the Girl (October 11), anti-poverty group The ONE Campaign released a powerful video to continue their long-running campaign. ‘When I Grow Up...’ highlights the fact that millions of girls are denied the future of their choice because Poverty is Sexist. Girls are asked the age-old question “what are you going to be when you grow up”? The answers begin as expected, but quickly turn to reflect the harsh reality for girls in the world’s poorest countries.
  • Concrete Jungle
    Concrete JungleWildlife charity Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) wanted to raise awareness of the devastating impacts of forest destruction in Sumatra’s Leuser Ecosystem and promote their Rainforest Home Appeal. The campaign used the much-loved Jungle Book characters to encourage donations, aiming to buy an 890 acre plot of land called Cinta Raja and turn it from a lifeless palm oil plantation back into diverse and vibrant rainforest.
Projects credited in
    NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY - TOO MUCH INFORMATIONNearly everyone’s heard of autism, but not many people really understand it. Only 16% of autistic people and their families think the public understand autism in a meaningful way. The National Autistic Society want to close that empathy gap. They want to help people understand what it’s like to have autism. To help people understand what it can feel like to experience sensory overload, as well as recognise it when they see it, Don't Panic London created the National Autistic Society's biggest autism awareness campaign to date, Too Much Information. It kicked off during World Autism Awareness Week on 2nd April 2016 with our hero film "Can you make it to the end?" and will run for two years.
  • #McGhoster
    #McGhosterBehind closed doors, animals are suffering in unimaginable ways for McDonald’s menu items. Activism NGO, Humane League, wanted to give McDonald’s a wake-up call and galvanise the public to let this giant chain know that ‘The Party’s Over’.
  • Greenwich Peninsula
    Greenwich PeninsulaDelivered cross-platform and innovative campaigns promoting Greenwich Peninsula as a brand and advertising their residential development, Upper Riverside. Campaign placements included exclusive print advertorials, OOH takeovers and creative native placements. The campaigns successful reached the intended target audience in terms of reach and impacts and delivered on ROI, generating a high number of sale conversions.
  • #UnderstandMe
    #UnderstandMeNSPCC/Childline wanted to create an ad to address rising levels of racial discrimination/bullying taking part in schools, and to let these young people know that they were there to offer emotional support if needed. In order to create genuine work that spoke on behalf of young BAME, I designed a survey and collected a number of responses from this demographic in order to pull important insights for the creative approaches. This resulted in an advert voicing very real concerns and feelings young
  • Hypnotism Social Experiment - Education For Refugees
    Hypnotism Social Experiment - Education For RefugeesA world without education is unimaginable - but this is the world that over 3.6 million refugee children are living in right now. To make audiences relate to the issue, we took ordinary people of all levels of education and hypnotised them to lose their basic reading, writing and counting skills. The video aired a week before the UN summit and had a huge impact, rapidly gaining nearly 4 million views. It compelled 50,000 people to sign a petition that would put education at the heart of the c
    POVERTY IS SEXISTWe wanted to show audiences around the world that Poverty Is Sexist. So, we created a piece that threads together women from every age, background and nationality being held back and disadvantaged with a simple: “No.” This single word translates across borders, nodding to moments of insidious everyday sexism - like gender roles and sexism in the workplace - through to the issues faced by those who are most disenfranchised - like education, health care and connectivity. Ultimately, we united
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