I am a Marvel - Photo Portrait Series

  • Nene Parsotam
  • Chelsea Bostwick
  • Aysha Ahmed
  • Tyrone Leon Bostwick
  • asiko artist
  • Basma Khalifa
  • Lori Bee
  • Shanice Mears
  • Poorna Bell

Inspired by the upcoming @marvelstudios film Captain Marvel @captainmarvelofficial a tale of a hero’s journey of a female fighter pilot Carol Danvers. 3 creatives have come together to photograph a collection of 11 inspirational women who embody her spirit, strength and humanity. These women represent diversity in ethnicity, background, body forms and age. In their ever-evolving and inspirational lives these women have soared and are still soaring “Higher, Further, Faster”. They are rising to the challenges in front of them and discovering what makes them a hero in their own story. They are Marvels.

Alex Bruni PHD - @alexb244 Top mature model (age 61), Author (Bloomsbury), fashion activist, yoga/sleek technique athlete, age & body positive icon.
Asma Elbadawi - @asmaelbadawi a Muslim female Visual Artist , Spoken Word Poet, Basketball player and Coach
Dilys Price OBE - @greymodelagency Oldest female skydiver in the world (age 86), Guinness World Record holder, Pride of Britain, Touch Trust charity founder
Kathleen Humberstone - @kathleenhumberstone 19 year old model with Downs Syndrome, bi-lingual, drama student, UN speaker.
Katy Sullivan - @kbridgets Olympic Paralympic track and fielder (US record holder) bilateral above knee amputee, American actress and producer and writer.
Maisie Sly - @gilsonsly 8 year old actress who is deaf, Oscar nominated the star of the Oscar-winning short film #thesilentchildfilm
Poorna Bell - @Poornabell an award-winning journalist and author. She has written a book, Chase The Rainbow
Shauna Flowers - @shaunaundrell Ex female army veteran and model.
Shannie Mears - @shannieloves Co-founder and Chief Talent Officer, The Elephant Room, Brand and Talent Manager, Guap Magazine, BIMA top 100 talent
Hermon & Heroda - @being__her deaf twin sisters, Fashion & Travel Bloggers, Eritrean & Ethiopian