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Basma Khalifa

fashion stylist, brand consultant, presenterLondon, United Kingdom
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Basma Khalifa

fashion stylist, brand consultant, presenterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Basma Khalifa is a Fashion Stylist, a Fashion, travel and food Presenter. She has worked at some of the world's most renowned fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, InStyle and Vogue. Basma has styled celebrities ranging from Adele to Naomi Campbell, as well as many others for 8+ years. Basma's career as a presenter began after catching the attention of headhunters and producers. She has since been in collaboration with production houses and has seen great interest from Channel 4 and BBC 3 for her talents. Basma was also recently selected to be part of the BBC's Womens Expert. From the 1,000+ women who applied, Basma was one of the final 24 chosen by the BBC for training and backing. Since then Basma has featured on BBC Breakfast and Woman's Hour, as well as contributing to Tastemade UK and Bite the Ballot. Basma has also created her own YouTube vlog series called 'She Is...'. The vlog tackles the issues with diversity faced by women of colour in fashion. Basma interviewed women throughout the industry about the worries and adversities they've faced and continue to face. The videos were well received having gained up to 10K views for a single post. Basma also filmed a 2-part vlog on fashion and beauty while she was in the Sudan in 2017. This was in order to show a side of Africa rarely showcased by mainstream media. Basma Continues to develop treatments with the aim of having her documentary ideas commissioned following the interest already generated. Basma is continuing her work as a fashion stylist as well as a TV presenter, traveling and reporting on real life issues (including but not exclusively) fashion and beauty faced by men and women in unfamiliar parts of the world. This is in the hope of raising awareness of the issues faced by women and minorities in everyday societies
  • Sudan Fashion Film Part One
  • Sudan Fashion Film Part two
  • Editorial: Mathilda
  • East African Arts / Karmakol Festival Editorial
  • Black Panther Passion Project by Looks Like Me
    Casting: Looks Like Me| Director: Selma Nicholls | Photographer: Asiko Artist Looks Like Me, talent and casting agency raising the profile of underrepresented groups. Providing exceptional talent, models and extraordinary diverse campaigns represented in fashion and advertising content.
  • My Sudan Diaries
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Projects credited in
  • Project Embrace - Proud to be me campaign 2018
    The Project Embrace #Afrovisibility billboard campaign aimed to contribute to changing the narrow perception of beauty and bias against afro textured and curly hair by creating positive, beautiful images of that hair type on billboards. From over 400 women who applied for to be part of the campaign, 6 were chosen, photographed and filmed. Each poster celebrated the beauty of each of the 6 women. The billboards were released in over 70 locations across the UK and were featured above the Grand Ho
  • Looks Like Me Black Panther Portraits
    Inspired by Marvels Black Panther Movie Posters, we created portraits of the Black Panther characters working with a group of children. The images were exhibited at British Film Institute and The Black Cultural Archives and featured on a number of media outlets, most notably Channel 4 in the UK. The work was commissioned by Looks Like Me Talent agency.
  • I am a Marvel - Photo Portrait Series
    Inspired by the upcoming @marvelstudios film Captain Marvel @captainmarvelofficial a tale of a hero’s journey of a female fighter pilot Carol Danvers. 3 creatives have come together to photograph a collection of 11 inspirational women who embody her spirit, strength and humanity. These women represent diversity in ethnicity, background, body forms and age. In their ever-evolving and inspirational lives these women have soared and are still soaring “Higher, Further, Faster”. They are rising to th
    A conversation series candidly exploring the choices and challenges encountered by anyone who has experienced life as a woman.
  • This International Women’s Day, meet the 200 Women Redefining the Creative Industry in 2018
    Yana Peel CEO of the Serpentine Galleries since 2016. Peel is a co-founder of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Intelligence Squared Asia, and was CEO of Intelligence Squared Group from 2013 to 2016. Awarded one of Harper’s Bazaar ‘Women of the Year’ 2017 for her contribution to arts. Yana's nominations: Es Devlin - Stage designer Grace Wales Bonner - Fashion designer Sondra Perry - New media artist and net neutrality advocate FeiFei Li - Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence La
  • Championing Diversity: this Black History Month, meet 100 creatives inspiring change
    Claud Williams Claud is the founder of Dream Nation - a personal development brand empowering a community of practical dreamers. For Claud, Black History Month "represents a time to encourage people of all cultures and backgrounds to dive into a deep and rich global history.” He also shared that after looking back to pioneers of the American Civil Rights Movement, his own story took shape: “During a period of soul searching, I read the biography of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, which had a p
Work history
    Fashion Stylist
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Assisting and styling main fashion stories. Creating fashion news stories and visual content. Handling team diary.
    Fashion StylistYoox Net a Porter Group
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Styling assistant to the fashion director and fashion editor.
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