I Feel You Still

  • Yvonne Gyamfi
  • Sonia Jeunet
  • Emma Bowkett
  • Shingi Sibanda

This project was based on a brief titled 'What is your London?'. I believe that Language, when used for connection rather than division paints a much more vivid and colourful image. Growing up in Newham, East London, there was an understanding of how not to speak in more ‘prestigious’ spaces, how to talk in a way that, ultimately, meant shedding what came naturally to you. But why? These ways of speaking have a purpose far beyond just transferring of information. There's an intimacy to be valued Under the guidance of Magnum associate Sohrab Hura, I developed a body of work for an exhibition and magazine, responding to a live brief developed with It’s Nice That, Lecture in Progress and Anyways


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