• Kadna Anda

A selection of illustrations (personal work).

Who am I series represents my answers to some personal questions that I constantly struggled with. Each illustration represents an important point in my life that contributed to who I am today.

The embroidered mask symbolizes the Romanian culture sewed, marked, buried in my skin. This particular illustration represents the critical point of accepting my Romanian culture and my identity. The peach bowl is an homage to my grandparents and their hard life Romanian peasants, the female character represents me as a young woman, surrounded by elements that symbolize my childhood. My mom used to have a famous communist ‘Ileana’ sewing machine, made in the '70s. She used to make my clothes, and even cut her bride dress to make me a ‘snowflake’ dress for one of my kindergarten recitals.

All these illustrations resemble peak points in my life, mirroring everything that made me be me.