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Interview with Dani Michelon, Head of AMVBBDO XLAB on AI and the Next Generation of Creativity

>> Join the next ‘Production Social Presents.. AI and The Next Generation of Creativity’ on the 3rd October at Twitter HQ where the super smart line up of speakers include:
Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen PhD, Professor of Design Engineering and Design Methodology, Imperial College London,
Paola Colombo, SVP Managing Director, R/GA, San Francisco,
Luba Elliott, Creative AI researcher,
Patrick Stobbs, Co-Founder at Jukedeck
Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM.
They will be discussing how we, the makers, thinkers, creatives, the decision makers are going to face the rise of AI. More info and a special 10% off Early Bird tickets here <<

We caught up with Dani Michelon, Head of AMV XLAB and Founder of Production Social, to give us her perspective on the rise of AI in the creative industries.

The question of whether AI can be creative is a bit of a conundrum in our industry, what are your thoughts on this and do you think we are moving closer to finding the best ways to work hand in hand?
"I think the world as we know it now will be hugely redefined by the way we interact with AI. The sense of purpose, the way we understand work and pleasure will be reconstructed.
It's difficult to predict because we still have so many questions but some more optimistic predictions would say that we as humans will be able to fulfil our dreams and live our lives with more ease giving the heavy lifting to AI. In some ways that means that our creative ambitions and our relationship with creativity will have a whole different meaning.
As an adaptable species, we will certainly find ways to work with AIs that right now might sound too alien. New disciplines, new jobs, new processes will emerge. We have seen this already with Verbal Designers designing behavioral and non-interfaces for bots. I'm really excited about the future of creativity and the collaboration we will be able to do with AIs - it will send us to another level of discovery and imagination."
Why do you think it’s important for makers and creatives to gain a more in-depth understanding of AI and all that it encompasses?
"I truly believe that whatever industry you are in, discovering and exploring new frontiers is essential. This is key for creatives and just as important for makers and of course the hybrids!
I think the collaboration between machine learning and humans is inevitable, it’s already here with amazing projects from people like IBM Watson, so with this in mind it’s just a matter of time before AI will change our creative landscape.
As I mentioned before, we will see new jobs, new kinds of careers and disciplines emerging, this means that to be on top and ahead of the game in your career, you need to make sure you have all the knowledge on developing and future tech tucked safely under your belt!"
There are current AI technologies that have been key in the democratisation of certain creative processes, for example - Jukedeck which allows those who may not have had access to music creation a tool to do just that - how do you see this trend affecting creativity and production moving forward?
"Jukedeck is a great example. We will see a lot more machine learning collaboration with disciplines that we thought were untouchable. This is not necessarily bad, this perhaps will help us transcend our capabilities and direct us beyond our resources at the present.
The key will be how we can work with this machine learning platforms to create things that weren't possible to be created before."
What most excites you about the future possibilities of creativity and creation utilizing AI?
"Like I mentioned in my previous comments, I think the collaboration between machine and humans will lead us into unknown territory but an exciting unknown!
Together we will create things that weren't possible before and our industry will be able to act as a form of enhancement for brands that want to go beyond communication, brands that want to extrapolate their remit and contribute to the elevation of our species."
Are there any specific creative projects that have utilized AI (or any AI sub tech) that have really impressed you?
"A project that stands out – is based around the use of algorithms, it is the design of the recently opened concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie, in Hamburg designed by Herzog and De Meuron. It’s so beautiful, and an amazing example of parametric design, a process by which designers use algorithms to develop an object’s form.
It shows how one from of fast developing technology can be embraced by human creativity where an active collaboration is undertaken to produce a superior product and experience, without the technology it may never have been conceived, designed or produced."
What personal experience have you had with AI or ML whilst running AMVBBDO XLAB?
"Clients are still a little shy when it comes to machine learning and AI. At AMVBBDO XLAB we have created bots for clients and for our own R&D, we are also working on a voice intelligence project at the moment. VI is going to be the first area to be massively explored by brands because of google home and Alexa.
Personally, I have been reading and listening to a lot of scientists and experts like Max Tegmark and Stuart Russell to inform myself as much as possible. I'm a huge believer that we are in constant transformation and this is the time to learn and transform our knowledge and apply it to enhance our capabilities."
You have your annual Production Social event coming up on Oct 3, ‘AI & The Next Generation Of Creativity’, tell us a little about what you hope people will take away from coming along.
"We always want to provide inspiration and drive passion. That little seed of excitement that can be transformed into something like a side project, a better way of working or simply enjoying seeing very smart people talking about their creative journeys, their making process and how they achieved their goals as well as all the latest knowledge on impactful technologies like AI.
It is also a great way to meet people from different backgrounds and industries – we always try to bring interesting makers together, people from music, arts, fashion, advertising, students and established professionals. It’s always fun!"

If you want to learn more about the research, development and practical implementation of AI into the creative industries come along to ‘Production Social Presents.. AI and The Next Generation of Creativity’. More info and a special 10% of Early Bird Tickets here.

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