Issue 110: The Art of Storytelling

  • Saffron Ward
  • Eleanor Sutherland

Art is about storytelling, and we all tell stories. There are the stories we tell about ourselves and the ones we tell about each other. There are the moments that sit between memory, fact and fiction. It’s how we present reality and remember the past. Sometimes, you tell yourself the same story so many times it becomes true. How the present is retold is subjective, and no person experiences it in the same way.

This issue is dedicated to weaving narratives. Liam Wong highlights the beauty of the night and the intersection between reality, technology and science fiction. We speak to Tyler Mitchell about the fluidity of fine art and fashion photography, as he seamlessly traverses both worlds. Mária Švarbová’s swimming pools and brightly coloured caps follow a tradition from Seurat and Hockney, but by using architecture and light, she tells stories and memories of spaces where we can all find glimpses of serendipity.

In photography, we bring you works from Alexis Pichot, Henri Prestes, Miguel Vallinas Prieto, Priscilla Ong and Mónica Alcázar-Duarte. Each photographer takes an instant in time and turns it into a moment of introspection.

Our cover artists Elsa & Johanna experiment with portraiture by reconstructing family memories. Finally, Last Words go to Doug Aitken, where he discusses his new book, 'Works 1992-2022'.

Last Words go to multidisciplinary artist Doug Aitken who asks: "What is the relationship between the individual and the world around us?"

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