Life and Death Row

Full post production on 3 x 60 min factual series for BBC3. With unprecedented access inside prison walls, this powerful series discovers what it’s like to live with the threat of the death chamber, as well as hearing from victims and their families, and the family of those on death row - some praying for execution, some hoping for a reprieve.

The first episode centres on two of the youngest men on death row in Texas, for whom execution day has arrived. Sonny Sheridan graded the three-part series on the Nucoda Film Master, focused his attention on highlighting both the stories of the victims and the death row inmates.
Sheridan emphasised Richard Cobb’s deep blue eyes by keying and tracking the blue, amplifying their disturbing, piercing nature. By applying a cooler, softer light to the second half of the opening episode, Sheridan highlights how the families of the victims and of those on death row are affected.
By emphasizing the Texan heat, Sheridan, brought home the pressure and intensity of the situation and by juxtaposing this with the coolness of the second story he highlighted the emotional trauma. Nick Fry mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11. Tam Osman finished the series with Avid Symphony