LOW HEAT Season 3 Film

  • Sasha Kluvitse
  • Cecilia Linares
  • James Massiah
  • Angela Stephenson
  • Oliver McGuirk
  • Laurence Dawes
  • Ramone Anderson
Celebrating the next gen of local music culture in this weekly get-together, these are the artists that made LOW HEAT Season 3.
Director: Ramone Anderson
Producer: Truce Susie
Producer: Cecilia Linares
Executive Producer: Joe Alexander
Creative Lead: James Massiah
Project Manager: Sasha Kluvitse
Editors: AyChibs
Cinematography: Angela Stephenson, Ramone Anderson and Truce Susie
Sound Record: Ramone Anderson, Truce Susie and Craig Massie
Sound Edit and Sound Mix: Benson Herbert
Colour: Charlie Morris and Sam Wood, The Mill
Graphics: Cecilia Serafini and Maria Amaro
VFX: Stefan Iyapah
Subtitles: Abdillahi Abdilahi, Evan Campbell, Lawrence Dawes and Oliver McGuirk