Meet the team: Emma

After five years of masterminding campaigns for the biggest names in the visual arts, Emma pivoted into design and landed ready for action at a desk in Zetteler HQ. How? Why? Time we found out…

The problem with staffing a business with fabulous people is that it gets emotional  when they move on. This month, Zetteler had to say goodbye to the wonderful Dorothy Bourne, who is travelling overseas to seek her fortune in the rug trade and, after three years of being utterly irreplaceable, has had to be replaced. Surely there could be no-one bold and brilliant enough to step into those shoes?
Of course there could. Step forward Wiltshire’s finest, Emma Collins, an experienced PR professional steeped in the visual arts world since her days at the Courtauld Institute. Emma, it turns out, has had her eye on our situations vacant for some time, so as soon as Dorothy had turned in her Zetteler badge and gun, Emma was in the queue to take over her beat.
Over the course of a few interviews, it quickly became clear that Emma has a brain the size of Hampstead Heath, a formidable knowledge of the arts scene, and a tonne of experience championing some of the biggest names, events and institutions on the cultural scene – including Dreamland Margate, the Courtauld Gallery, London Art Fair, the Horniman Museum, Artichoke Trust, Calvert 22 Foundation and many more than you can put in a single list without it getting a bit boring to read. (We were hugely impressed, but we kept it casual, natch.)
Emma is now cosily ensconced in Zetteler HQ, and on her second week in action, we nudged her into corner and demanded to know more about her journey from art to design, her hatred of smartphone-filtered experiences, and her extensive cache of John Humphrys trivia. Here she is in her own words…

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