Mix the Play

  • Orlando Festa
  • Luisa Tatoli
After the success of the music-led project Mix The City we were approached by the British Council to adapt the concept for a new medium - theatre. Keeping to the original principle of allowing users to create something they felt ownership over using high quality material, we created a whole new concept: Mix The Play. As 2016 was the year of Shakespeare Lives, a year-long celebration of the works of Shakespeare to mark 400 years since his death, the project would be both the start of a new creative platform and a landmark event in the programs' calendar.

Working with our creative partners The Old Vic and technical partners Roll Studio we crafted the idea further, creating an experience shown through the eyes of a director putting together a performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream. Users could choose an actress, direct their performance style, pick a world to set their performance in and even tweak the costume and music. At the end of the experience the director can watch a scene from the play, constructed by them, as well as having the chance to read personalised reviews and download their own customised poster.

Naturally we had to film all of the different options, as well as creating the experience and accompanying educational videos to explain the thinking behind each step of the process. But by working with a team of impeccable creative talent we created a truly unique end product - one that we hope to see grow into new experiences as Mix The City has grown around the world.

Watch an example of a completed scene (directed by Helen Mirren no less) here, or visit mixtheplay.britishcouncil.org to create your own


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