Mould Map 3

“The printing of Mould Map is a thing to behold – glassy slick, with a disarming collision of spot colors, strange glossy textures and a host of auxiliary material. Dazzling and distracting as a screen but working decidedly as print, this is an extremely considered object, a record of an aesthetic and time deeply indebted to Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and the triumph of the mutable mindset. Mould Map’s seamless curation and cultural playfulness makes for an astounding amorphous portrait of the present, the internet, and the language of comics.” The Book by Its Cover Client: Landfill Editions Format: 297mm x 210mm, 216pp with A5 intersections, jacket and bellyband Materials: 170gsm and 350gsm Chromomat, Satimat Club Silk Method: Litho CMYK and nine Pantone fluorescents/special colours, gloss varnishes


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    Landfill Editions