Nailing It Podcast Launch | Spotify UK

  • Shelby Nayler
  • Elizabeth Oladogba

PURPOSE We were approached by Spotify UK to help drive awareness and enough consideration for a brand new Spotify Original podcast. Priscilla Anyabu, Wumni Bello and Simply Sayo came together to create Nailing It, a podcast that discusses the ups and downs of womanhood and romance covering everything from dating to relationships to sexual health. INFLUENCE We introduced “Bigger Is Better” a campaign that emphasise the importance or desirability of those everyday successes. Using nail polish as a visual representation of this, the talent posed with giant personalised “Nailed It” nail polish bottles. Filled with bright colours, each bottle had its own label and bespoke colour name representing a cultural reference used to empower women and aligning with the key topics of the podcast. Typically, talent posed with the ones that they identify with the most. The talent dressed in either matching or complimentary colours to the nail polish bottles. We produced a day long shoot in order to deliver all the requested content including press / PR shots, bespoke video content, hero videos, BTS Pilot and all branding elements. VICTORY 8 BESPOKE SOCIAL CONTENT 1 UK BILLBOARD 30 APPROVED PRESS SHOTS