Nationwide Degree Show: Seed Animation Curation

  • Yve Slater
  • Claudia Melton
  • darius moldo

The Nationwide Degree Show is a collection of work from art & design students, who's final year shows have been cancelled due to COVID19. What started as an initiative by Fresh Meet to plaster billboards across the UK with student work, has now resulted in an online collection of over 1000 submissions from over 100 universities and 17 creative disciplines. The Curation Series is a programme of student work selected by industry leaders, creative pioneers and trendsetters. Below you will find a selection of student work curated by the creative duo behind Seed Animation: Morgan Powell and Neil Kidney.

Seed Animation Studio is an award winning, design led animation production company with a focus on distinctive character animation. They've worked with some of the biggest clients, from Lego to Cadbury's, based out of their London Studio.
Morgan Powell and Neil Kidney, Co-founders of Seed animation, have scoured through the submissions, identifying the best talent across illustration and animation, to bring you this curation.

#1 - Sarah Krajovsk

The first selection kicking things off is this joyful piece by Sarah Krajovsk.

On this, Seed comments "Well painted still life with a contemporary twist, excuse the pun."
Sarah Krajovsk, Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art

Sarah writes "This piece is inspired by the COVID-19 circumstances, in response to which I am attempting to spread some light-hearted optimism. PS SMILING AND LAUGHING decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies! Stay creased :)".

#2 - Aleksandra Legiec

The second piece in this curation is this illustration piece centered around body shaming by Aleksandra Legiec.
On this, Seed comments "Intimate illustrations revealing the beauty of individualism."
Aleksandra Legiec, Graphic Communication at Bath Spa University

Aleksandra writes "These illustrations are a part of my project which raises the awareness of body shaming. Each illustration is created out of thousands of dots drawn by hand."

#3 - Kayleigh Keen

The next piece in this curation is this print by Kayleigh Keen.
On this, Seed comments "Very characterful. She’s managed to get a lot of warmth into a cold scene."
Kayleigh Keen, Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University
Kayliegh writes "This is the first print in my aquatint series inspired by The Werewolf by Angela Carter."

#4 - Ellen-Mae Parker

The fourth piece in this curation is this illustration by Ellen-Mae Parker.
On this, Seed comments "Visual and vibrant diary of positive thoughts, nicely illustrated."
Ellen-Mae Parker, Illustration at Cambridge School of Art

Ellen writes "Just before the lockdown was announced I moved back home with my parents because I was afraid I would be trapped in university halls alone. I had to suddenly face that I would never return to uni, experience my degree show or graduate as I had imagined since the beginning of my Illustration degree. I was overwhelmed by the bigger picture of the world, so I turned to reportage work and focussed on my day-to-day, documenting small moments. I intentionally used a bright colour palette to share something positive on social media, hoping it may lift spirits. It was important for me to seek comfort in making this work whilst I was processing so much change. These drawings were originally part of a sequential comic, but here I have montaged a handful together into one composition."

#5 - Sean Morgan

The fifth piece in this curation is this illustrated cover by Sean Morgan.
On this, Seed comments "I love the simplicity, the boldness and the technique. Very striking."
Sean Morgan, Illustration at Plymouth College of Art

Sean writes "I love to make work that is bold, full of texture and quirk. This is a speculative book cover design for an imaginary chef about the joy of Chinese cooking."

#6 - Suzie Cichy

The sixth piece in this curation is this illustrative exploration of cyber-flashing by Suzie Cichy.

On this, Seed comments "Provocative to say the least! She’s chosen to explore the idea that society is dictated by the male gaze and has determined what is acceptable and taboo which is an interesting topic."
Suzie Cichy, Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art

Suzie writes "Through open submissions over the past 18 months people have been sharing their stories, experiences, and images of cyber flashing, which have been retold and represented through explorations across different media.

The intention of the work was to create discourse around the subject: something that isn’t usually widely discussed, has little research on, yet happens to 41% of British women aged 18-35. Reactions to the project have led me to explore ideas of censorship and the obscene, as well as links between art and pornography. Ultimately it has shown that we still live in a society that is dictated by the male gaze, which decides for us what type of nudity can be deemed ‘acceptable’ and which is still taboo.."

#7 - Zoe Scott

The seventh piece in this curation is this illustration by Zoe Scott.

On this, Seed comments "It’s a great idea that eight characters can be created from one and how each differs from the other. It shows how complex and individual people are."
Zoe Scott studying at Liverpool John Moores

Zoe writes "Thread Heads is a video that connects the complicated goings on of many individual minds, to highlight the differences but also the prominence of mental health. A cross section of what might be going on in someones head and how that can change over time. The book is made up of the developments and changes that occurred along the way."

#8 - Rosalie Herrera

The eighth piece in this curation is this illustration by Rosalie Herrera.
On this, Seed comments "It’s a very calming scene. We have all been there, and we want to go again. Would certainly love to explore this forest."
Rosalie Herrera, Graphic Design & Illustration at De Montfort

Rosalie writes "This is a snapshot of a scene from a series of interactive illustrations. You can explore the forest and play with different elements in each scene to discover more about the forest and its inhabitants. The aim of the project is to provide people stuck inside with a digital source of nature."

#9 - Yve Slater

The ninth piece in this curation is this illustration by Yve Slater.
On this, Seed comments "Fantastic interpretation of organic growth, and has illustrative detail that resembles a local grocers. It makes you want to read on."
Yve Slater, Illustration with Animation, Manchester School of Art

Yve writes "In 1995, a fruit and veg stall opened on a crumpled sidewalk, in a busy city centre. Local produce for local people. Today, it competes with supermarkets, take-aways, vending machines and apps. This their story."

#10 - Natalie Robinson

The tenth piece in this curation is this character animation by Natalie Robinson.
On this, Seed comments "Great design portfolio and character animation."
Natalie Robinson, Animation, Nottingham Trent University

Natalie writes "A small selection of personal character designs and screenshots from my current showreel submitted as part of my course."

#11 - Claudia Melton

The tenth piece in this curation is this animated short by Claudia Melton.
On this, Seed comments "Interesting depiction of a personal moment in time."
Claudia Melton, Illustration and Animation, Anglia Ruskin University

Claudia writes "Nowt Queer As Folk is an animated short about a northern family being documented, and a cameraman struggling to break through. It explores being an outsider, and fearing judgement from outsiders."

#12 - Molly Whitt

The twelvth piece in this curation is this animation by Molly Whitt.
On this, Seed comments "Good generalist reel."
Molly Whitt, Animation, Nottingham Trent University
Claudia writes "This is a close up shot of a scene from my third year Look Development Project."

#13 - Phoenix Almeida-Amir

The thirteenth piece in this curation is this animation by Phoenix Almeida-Amir.

On this, Seed comments "Interesting contemporary style."
Phoenix Almeida-Amir, Animation, Nottingham Trent University
Claudia writes "The film is about artificial intelligence, conflicting goals between a boss and an employee, and rivalry between human and machine."

#13 - Amy Scott

The final piece in this curation is this animated short by Amy Scott.
On this, Seed comments "The film looks very tactile and well made."

Amy Scott, Animation, University of Edinburgh
Amy writes "My film explores relationships across generations of a family, providing the opportunity for the viewer to relate to their own fond childhood memories through the film's family tradition of jam making.."