Network Rail - Baskerville House


Environmental graphics in an Art Deco setting


Create environmental graphics and signage for Baskerville House, ready for the 900-strong Network Rail team moving in. Ensure that the Network Rail design DNA complements the Art Deco aesthetic of this historic building in the heart of Birmingham.


The DNA is a flexible set of design principles which evolves with and adapts to every interiors project, whilst retaining the core Network Rail brand at its core. With the team needing to move frequently across the three floors, the DNA needed to create an environment that not only stimulated, but also helped people to orientate themselves anywhere in the 85,000 square feet space.


Different colour palettes were used for each of the three floors (being used from everything from furniture, environmental graphics and artwork through to wayfaring signage) to help staff pinpoint which floor they were on. Areas between the highly populated working areas were treated as gallery spaces, making travelling through the building a motivational journey, with images (treated to match the floor’s colour) of Network Rail infrastructure projects.
Appropriately-coloured glass manifestations were used to create privacy, to let light flow through the building and, like the gallery walkways, to make statements about Network Rail’s work, combining imagery and graphics.