Network Rail - Gina And The Arches


Engaging with small business owners - on a huge scale


Network Rail Property needed a way to demonstrate its commitment to small businesses, focusing primarily on its many arch-based retail units. The initial thinking was for an interactive map, but it soon became clear that this project needed to be pushed further if it was to make the right impact.


The more impactful and accessible solution was an animation. And rather than tell the story from a corporate point of view, Gina and the Arches focused on one small business owner and how her café, and thousands of small businesses like it, had a positive effect on the local economy and environment.


The finished animation helped to show how Network Rail Property nurtures environments that support small businesses. Delivering that message in a human and down-to-earth style only strengthened the core message.
The animation and the thinking behind it were featured in trade magazines Design Week and The Drum, helping to spread the message well beyond its core audience.
“We loved the idea of bringing our key messages to life through animation – and the story Clinic created perfectly captures the benefits our iconic arches offer small local businesses. It was important that we had something that could work across a number of channels and we’re very pleased with the results.”
Hayley Brooksbank Head of Marketing and Communications, Network Rail Property