New to Frame?

  • Rosy Williamson
  • Pip Black
  • Joan Murphy
Wanna get to know us? Well… Frame was born out of the simple mantra that getting fit shouldn’t be a chore.
We are strong believers in:
HAVING FUN The best kind of exercise, is the one that you enjoy the most. Chose classes that you love rather than those you think you ‘should’ be doing.
MIXING IT UP Variety is the spice of life (and the best for your body!) Choose a class based on what your body needs and your mood craves. Mix it up regularly to keep things FRESH like the Prince of Bel Air.
FLEXIBILITY Aside from our life-long ambition to nail the splits, we know you’re all busy humans and need Frame to fit in around the rest of your life. The Frame Card gives you maximum flexibility to come to ANY class at ANY studio (6 so far… more coming your way) with a cheeky discount thrown in for good measure.
A.K.A. YOUR KEY TO UNLOCKING THE WORLD OF FRAME Easy as pie – and just as tasty – top it up and spend on ANY class, smoothie or item of skin-tight lycra at ANY Frame site or online.
You’ll also get a sweet discount on all classes.
It’s the way to manage your fitness budget by deciding on a monthly amount to top up, and chuck on a little extra when you’re feeling flush!
Top up a minimum of £50 to keep the discount going. Credit lasts 6 months.
Just can’t get enough of our sweet Frame lovin? Our Memberships are for those who want to see us on the regs. Pay monthly, commit to a minimum of three months and Frame to your heart’s content. Think of it like a standard gym membership, but obviously MUCH BETTER.
With the exception of Founder Memberships (special rates we only run when we’re opening new Frames), Memberships can be used across all Frame sites.