NSPCC Helpline

Ensuring a crucial national lifeline is vital, visible and vibrant. As the UK’s leading children’s charity, the NSPCC has been looking out for children for over 130 years. A vital cornerstone of the charity’s work is the NSPCC Helpline, which works alongside their Childline to provide a platform for adults to report concerns and seek advice. Our work with NSPCC saw us developing a central brand proposition and key messages to help clarify and compellingly communicate the Helpline’s purpose. Following a series of workshops with NSPCC Helpline staff and volunteers we used this central proposition as a springboard for a new visual approach, developing a suite of brand assets which helped to give the Helpline a clear and distinct voice within the broader NSPCC brand identity. At the heart of our solution is a constantly moving graphic ‘lifeline’, devised in collaboration with illustrator Jonathan Calugi and which visualises the NSPCC Helpline as a source of human connection and reassuring support.