Nuff Said. Time to stop talking about diversity. RSVP here.

  • Chiara Spampinato
  • Chloe COONAR
  • Theo West- Agboola
  • Chiara Romualdi
  • Georgia Armstrong
  • Liy Grant
  • Maureen Vasquez
  • Leyya Sattar
  • Lisa HPR
  • Liy Grant
  • Isaac Izekor
  • Maisie Angela

'Nuff Said' is a student led movement centred on promoting inclusivity within the creative industry.

We’re the next generation of creatives, and the industry we are about to enter doesn’t look like us.
It doesn’t benefit from the culture of inclusivity that powers our originality.
Speakers include: Roshni Goyate, founder of the Other Box, Brendan McKnight from the Dots and Ibrahim Kamara, co-founder and editor in chief at GUAP mag and hosted by Dines from Studio Blup.
Diversity is our reality, so it’s time to stop talking and start listening.

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In the lead up to summer, second year students from the Advertising & Brand Design course at Ravensbourne University, will be curating a series of events around London. These events will bring together industry professionals and students to discuss how inclusion can be made an innate part of creative culture, as well as the benefits of doing so.
Join us at the Mill on the 8th of May for an evening of provocations, talks and discussions, led by creatives who are building platforms where difference thrives.
Trust us, it’ll be worth it.