PRADA - Spring Summer 2015

The Prada SS 15 womenswear campaign consisted of three films, reflecting three different moods: Stoic, Psychedelic and Intimate. These are diverse and contrasting moods, but it was emphasised that each film should exude confidence. De Wolfe watched the runway show from Milan fashion week to try and gauge the direction of the collection.

Having built up a close working relationship with the director (Ujin) over the last couple of years, music supervisor Jack Derbyshire was already one step ahead in terms of understanding his musical taste.

Here, Jack explains the briefs and the music selections for each film.


"This was the only film out of the three to be shot entirely in black and white. Ujin and the Prada team wanted to head down a 70s psych-soul route. I pitched various options, and it was Spirit’s “The Other Song” that resonated best with the team. It’s not very often that you’re able to sync a personal favourite song, but this was one of those rare occasions."


"The planning around this particular film occurred around the same time as Arca released his album “Xen”. Both Ujin and I had a mutual appreciation for his music and felt his style was a perfect fit to brief; raw, sensual, and intoxicating. We revisited Arca’s “&&&&&” mixtape from a couple of years ago and “Anaesthetic” ticked all of the boxes, although we did have to drop the Snoop Dogg sample from the original recording."


"From the outset we knew this particular film needed a piece of music tailor made. It needed to be mysterious, sexy and playful. The tempo was key in adding to the curiosity. De Wolfe composer Richard Day provided the soundtrack, which also acted as the soundtrack to the teaser trailer."