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Product Attachments Magento Extension

The Product Attachments Magento extension allows you to easily upload and attach multiple files to product or CMS pages. With multi-stores and users group support you can control the visibility of files at frontend in many different ways.

Supported extensions are "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png", "bmp", "txt", "doc", "docx", "rtf", "ppt", "xls", "csv", "css", "pdf", "htm", "html", "xml", "swf", "flv", "wav", "mp3", "avi", "wmv", "mov", "zip" and many more.

Community Edition 1.5.x.x -
Enterprise Edition 1.10.x.x -

Enable/Disable Attachments on Product pages
Enable/Disable Attachments on CMS pages
Multiple files attachments
Attach files to Product and CMS pages
Multi-stores enabled
User groups enabled
Easy installation without modifying core files
Free technical support

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