Rankin x We Are Beyond - Brake The System

The aim of the new #BrakeTheSystem campaign, led by Beyond and supported by world-renowned photographer Rankin, is to put the faces of those young people who are living and struggling with mental ill health front and centre of the discussion, to highlight the human nature and fall-out of the lack of mental health provision beyond the statistics we read.
It is hoped that this will inspire the public to be part of the solution by donating to the Beyond fundraising campaign through Crowdfunder or by texting BEYOND 5 to 70085, to donate £5.
Each and every portrait within the #BrakeTheSystem campaign features one of the 24 members of Beyond’s youth board, who have all expressed their urgent concerns about the state of mental health provision and funding. Shooting the campaign, Rankin shares, was something he was driven to do after hearing their stories and about the wider mental healthcare picture. - Happiful
Monica Leung, Mohammad Abby, Brady Isaacs Pearce, Antonio Ferreira, Kadra Abdanisir, Ava Lilly Sterland, Jacob People, Courtney, Gala Brignone, Harry Corin, Elizabeth Connick, George Hodgson, Abbie Zenda, Rhys Dickinson, Louisa, Georgee TakTak, Zara Sheldrake, Lily Behan, Joseph Clark, Nikita Patel, Johnny, Gabriella Spillman, Adam Gross, Archive Lyons, Nicolo Di Borgorico & Ayla Jones.

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